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Understanding Scheduled and Unscheduled Aircraft Maintenance

All aircraft need periodic inspections and maintenance in order to ensure they are airworthy and safe to fly. Some of that maintenance is pre-scheduled and known to both the pilot and aircraft technician. Other types of maintenance are sudden and unscheduled, which can be due to problems found by the pilot or by the A&P […]

Aircraft Categories and Classes Explained

One of the most common questions in the aviation community, especially for beginning pilots and mechanics is: What are the aircraft categories and classifications? According to the FAA, an aircraft category refers to the “intended use or operating limits” of a particular group of aircraft. The classification of the aircraft refers to a group of […]

What It Takes to Become an Aircraft Mechanic

It takes a lot to become an aircraft mechanic. And it should! After all, when you have your aircraft inspected and repaired, you want to be confident that the technician is certified and qualified to perform the needed maintenance so your aircraft maintains its airworthiness. Here at Double M Aviation, we employ certified aircraft maintenance […]

Hobbs Time vs Tach Time

Do you know the difference between Hobbs and tach time? As an aircraft pilot or owner, the accuracy of your pilot and engine logbooks depends on your understanding of these two measurements of aircraft time. Hobbs Time Explained The Hobbs meter measures the hours the aircraft is being operated, and it was invented in 1938 […]