Digitize Your Aircraft Records and Save Up to $2,500!

Announcing a Limited-Time Offer

Did you know that 60% of your aircraft’s value is tied to the accuracy of your logbooks? To help our customers simplify their record-keeping and maximize the value of their aircraft, we are thrilled to partner with PLANELOGIX to offer turnkey aircraft maintenance record digitization.

Plus, we have a special one-time offer! From now until December 31st, 2024, when you complete your annual inspection with us, you’ll receive comprehensive record scanning for no additional cost (a value of $1,500). On top of that, if you sign up for an annual subscription with PLANELOGIX, they’ll onboard you for free (a value of $1,000). That’s up to $2,500 in savings!* Here’s how it works:

1.) We’ll Scan Your Records. Schedule an annual inspection, and we will scan all your plane records, including logbooks and relevant supporting documents, for no additional charge (valued at $1,500).

2.) You’ll Receive Digital Copies. You’ll receive a PDF copy of your scanned records, ensuring you have a secure and accessible digital version of all essential documents.

3.) Sign Up and Receive Free Onboarding. When you sign up for an annual subscription with PLANELOGIX, you’ll receive their onboarding service for free (valued at $1,000).

4.) Enjoy Secure, Searchable Records. Once uploaded to their platform, your records are safe, secure, and easily searchable! And with your annual subscription to PLANELOGIX, you can store and manage future records effortlessly, no matter where your maintenance is performed.

Offer Available for a Limited Time

This offer expires at the end of the year, so schedule your annual inspection today or call 863-356-8586. Even if you don’t sign up for the PLANELOGIX subscription, you can still enjoy the perks and peace of mind from having all your records in digital format.

* Estimated value based on a mid-time twin engine aircraft

Unlock Savings Now!

To take advantage of this limited-time offer and enjoy up to $2,500 in savings, complete this form or call 863-356-8586 today.

About Your PLANELOGIX Annual Subscription Plan

When you take advantage of this special offer, you’ll receive all the benefits of a PLANELOGIX subscriber:

  • Continual backup of critical aircraft records, no matter where maintenance is done
  • Hand-typed maintenance records for unprecedented searchability
  • Organized, tagged, and searchable documents like AD Reports, ICAs, Weight and Balance, 337s, STCs, and more
  • Custom maintenance tracking set up for your tail including ADs, FARs, overhaul schedules, oil changes, and more
  • Analyst support to help catch errors and omissions for new records

Your PLANELOGIX subscription provides around-the-clock access to your maintenance records for one monthly fee:

  • Single Engine Piston: $99.95/month
  • Single Engine Full Document Support: $124.95/month
  • Twin Engine Piston: $124.95/month
  • Twin Engine Full Document Support: $149.95/month

Go Digital and Save Big!

If you’ve ever considered transforming your aircraft maintenance records to digital format, now is the time to make it happen. Don’t miss out on this special offer to enhance your record-keeping practices with significant cost savings. To get started, simply request your annual inspection here or call 863-356-8586

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