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Double M Aviation
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Double M Aviation is an aircraft maintenance company dedicated to individualized service and quality with no excuses.

Double M Aviation offers a large variety of aircraft maintenance services and amenities, including, Airframe Inspections (Annual, 100 hour, 50 hour, etc), Piston Engine Repair, and more.

We are always here to help. You are important to us and we want to be there when you need us most. Send us an email or stop by our new location.


Double M Aviation is located directly at Lakeland Linder Airport. The airport is centrally located in sunny Florida and can easily accommodate all aircraft with an 8,500 foot runway. In addition to Double M Aviation’s aircraft maintenance facility, it is also home to excellent paint shops, interior shops, and avionics facility, with a full service FBO and on field restaurant. Double M Aviation and Lakeland Linder Airport are a complete solution for both piston and turbine aircraft owners and pilots.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Could not get any better. Airplane maintenance and repairs are done carefully, correctly, and quickly. New hangar facility is super clean and nice lounge with amenities. This is way beyond usual. Airplane is returned clean! Highly recommended.

Alan MaurerAirplane Owner

Flying over Lakeland on a Sunday I had oil temps shoot up to 240 and cut short our trip to land at KLAL. Went to Sheltair and got Double M Aviation’s phone number. Mike Naab was working on something else and dropped it to come help us out. He was very thorough and methodically went over every possible cause (not everyone works on experimental aircraft) until he found some faulty wiring and repaired it. I was shocked when he said it would be one-hour standard charge for his time. Not only did I find someone on a Sunday who was a terrific mechanic, he is fair and reasonable. If I lived anywhere close he would be my mechanic, if your looking for a good one call Mike. Thanks Mike, and my family back in AZ thank you to for getting me on my way home

Rodney M. JarrellPilot

I have known and worked with Mike Naab, co-founder of ‘Double M Aviation’ for several years on various types of planes, from piston-singles to turbine twins. He is essentially a protégé of the legendary Bill Turley of Aircraft Engineering- extremely competent, honest, and professional. I cannot say enough good things about Double M, their staff, and would recommend them to anyone needing A&P work, from piston-single to twin-turbines in the Central Florida area

Harry Lee Coe, IV, Esq(N425SR)

Look nowhere else than Double M Aviation and the team of Mike Naab for your aviation maintenance needs. He and his team have been servicing my aircraft for many years now. He has been through the test and emerged as a very talented survivor. My operation would not of had the success it has had without Mike and his efforts. If you stop by his shop and shake his hand you will have started a lifetime of great maintenance that will still be there many years down the road. Quality maintenance with no excuses is no BS. because he is the real deal.

Mark Peterson - Aerial Cartographics of AmericaPilot / Flight Department Manager

Landed at KLAL on a Thursday evening in a Piper Archer to pick up passengers. The starter’s Bendix drive broke off as we were trying to fire up. As always, being stranded away from home is never good news. The guys a Sheltair immediately offered to put “Mike” on the Phone to offer assistance. To make a long story short, Mike Naab from Double M Aviation, who has a huge facility next to Sheltair, took care of ordering a new starter rush and have it installed the next day so we could continue our trip. Double M Aviation gave us an honest, efficient and excellent turnkey repair, we did not have to worry about anything other than filing our flight plan out of KLAL, highly recommend.

Julio Carbonell

I’ve been working with Mike and Mike for many years, recently at their new facility in KLAL, Double M Aviation. The service has been outstanding and the work has been excellent. All our work now goes to Lakeland…..

Dan GreenwaldAviation Consultant, Aircraft Manager, Surgeon, DPE

Mike Naab is an awesome pilot and mechanic. He’s very honest and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Double M Aviation!!!!

Ray StewartPilot

Mike & Michael have worked on all the aircraft i have owned. They have recently transformed my B-55 baron from a 1970 round dail aircraft into a state of the art 21th century aircraft. This was possible due to their new state of the art facility at KLAL and their extensive network of related services. Double M can and will deliver a “no excuses” solutions. After being a customer of aircraft engineering for years I could never imagined having a better experience. Double M has far exceeded my experiences there!

Glen DuncanSWA capt / retired USMC AV8 pilot

Mike Naab has been working on my various planes since 2006. He is an exceptional pilot and mechanic. His attention to details, his knowledge, and manners are unsurpassed. After working for 20 yrs with Bill Turley, he has finally opened a spectacular shop at the Lakeland airport and surrounded himself with the best crew, especially his right hand Audrey! If you want the best maintenance for your plane, I strongly recommend DOUBLE M AVIATION.

Christophe JouanyAirplane Owner

Our 24/7 No Fees Promise:

We promise that no matter when you need aircraft maintenance, we will have a technician on call for no extra fees. No call out fee, no extra service fees, just quality service on your schedule at our normal shop rates. Whether it’s an AOG service call or just needing your oil changed outside of business hours, Double M Aviation wants to be your first and last call.

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