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Thorough Reliable Inspections

The FAA requires annual inspections for all aircraft, except under certain special circumstances. Conducting your aircraft’s annual inspection at Double M Aviation is the best way to safeguard against potential maintenance issues, and ensures a thorough, reliable inspection.

Unique & Personal Experience

Due to an aging fleet and the endless number of modifications available to general aviation aircraft, the annual inspection process is a very unique and personal experience. Each aircraft has its own quirks and idiosyncrasies that owners learn about during their countless flight hours. In the same way, at Double M Aviation, our aircraft maintenance technicians must go in depth to truly learn all the small differences that make your aircraft unique. To do this, the technician will remove as many pieces of the aircraft as possible to ensure that every major and minor component of the aircraft can be properly inspected and tested.

Trusted Repairs

Although all inspections vary to some degree, an inspection may start by removing all inspection panels, engine cowlings, seats, floor boards, etc. Our aircraft maintenance technicians inspect all parts of the aircraft for defects. Cracks, corrosion, and loose rivets in the skin may be repaired, while flight controls are tested for proper function. The engine and surrounding components are inspected and tested.

Safety is of Utmost Importance

Our aircraft maintenance technicians then check the cabin for damage or loose components such as corroded seat rails. Any damaged, malfunctioning, or inoperable components found during the annual inspection must subsequently be repaired or replaced if they are deemed a safety of flight issue.

Meticulous Maintenance and Records

A thorough review of the aircraft log books and supporting documentation is completed in conjunction with the annual inspection. A listing of all applicable airworthiness directives is generated along with a status sheet showing all timed items that may be coming due on the aircraft within the next few years. If it’s your first annual inspection with Double M Aviation, all the aircraft logs and supporting documentation will be audited and organized. This lays a foundation for quality maintenance by allowing for quick and effortless access to your aircraft records. The meticulous maintenance of the aircraft itself should always be reflected in the records.

Rely on Us

Rely on Double M Aviation to keep you safe by conducting thorough and in-depth annual inspections.

Mike Naab has been working on my various planes since 2006. He is an exceptional pilot and mechanic. His attention to details, knowledge, and manners are unsurpassed. After working for 20 yrs with Bill Turley, he opened a spectacular shop at the Lakeland Linder International Airport and surrounded himself with the best crew, especially his right hand Audrey! If you want the best maintenance for your plane, I strongly recommend Double M Aviation!
-Christophe Jouany, airplane owner
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