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Aircraft Painting &

Preserve Your Aircraft’s Value

Over time paint can wear, chip, and fade allowing corrosion and decay to take hold. A well-maintained aircraft exterior is a natural barrier against corrosion and dirt, with the added benefit of giving your aircraft a personal touch. Double M Aviation provides customized solutions to your aircraft’s paint needs.

On-field partnerships

When minimal paint touch up is needed, Double M Aviation offers in house solutions that can be accomplished in tandem with the inspection, reducing downtime while preserving the condition of the aircraft skin and paint. If a more detailed approach is required, Double M Aviation works directly with Foster’s Aircraft Refinishing, a superior paint and refinish company, located conveniently at Lakeland Linder Airport.

Environmentally Conscious

Our company is committed to a safe painting and detailing environment. This means that our painters and detailers work in a safe environment, and our waste disposal practices are environmentally friendly. Part of keeping the sky safe is taking care of our people on the ground.

I landed at KLAL on a Thursday evening in a Piper Archer to pick up passengers. The starter’s Bendix drive broke off as we were trying to fire up. As always, being stranded away from home is never good news. The guys at Sheltair immediately offered to put Mike Naab on the phone to offer assistance. To make a long story short, Mike Naab from Double M Aviation, who has a huge facility next to Sheltair, took care of ordering a new starter on rush and had it installed the next day so we could continue our trip. Double M Aviation gave us an honest, efficient and excellent turnkey repair, and we did not have to worry about anything other than filing our flight plan out of KLAL. Highly recommended!
– Julio Carbonell
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