50-Hour Inspections &
100-Hour Inspections

50-Hour Inspections

Valuable & Careful Inspections

50-hour inspections are valuable tune-up opportunities for any type of aircraft. The FAA recommends that aircraft owners change their plane’s oil and oil filters every 50 hours. We at Double M Aviation are happy to expand that simple recommendation into a careful inspection to make sure an aircraft is running at its best.

Safer Planes & Skies

Our aircraft maintenance technicians start by changing the oil as the FAA recommends. Then, they examine the aircraft engine and give it a thorough cleaning. Spark plugs are cleaned and gapped, then we find any general wear and tear. Every time Double M Aviation does this inspection, the skies become safer and planes run more smoothly. The 50-hour inspection guarantees peace of mind for everyone using an aircraft.

100-Hour Inspections

Beyond the Basics

The FAA requires 100-hour inspections for any aircraft that carries passengers for hire, and each 100-hour inspection must comply with FAA regulations. A 100-hour inspection covers the same scope of work as an annual inspection, but cannot be a substitute for your annual. Our aircraft maintenance technicians may clean and gap the spark plugs, change the aircraft oil, and look for wear and tear. On the exterior, aircraft maintenance technicians may also examine the skin, flight control surfaces, propeller, cowling, landing gear, brakes, and tires. Inside the aircraft, our aircraft maintenance technicians inspect the cabin and cockpit to expose any hazards, such as loose seats or defects in flight controls. The 100-hour inspection also includes taking a careful look at the aircraft log books.

No More Headaches

If an aircraft has logged more than 100 hours of flight time, but must transfer to another facility for an inspection, there is a 10-hour grace period for the transfer. The time taken for the transfer counts toward the next 100 hours. This can lead to legal and logistic headaches, so keeping an aircraft with a qualified maintenance company can greatly reduce stress. Double M Aviation is experienced at performing thorough, reliable 100-hour inspections, so no transfers are necessary. Rely on Double M Aviation to keep you safe by conducting thorough and in-depth 100- and 50-hour inspections.

When flying over Lakeland on a Sunday I had oil temps shoot up to 240 and cut short our trip to land at KLAL. We went to Sheltair and got Double M Aviation’s phone number. Mike Naab dropped everything to come help us out. He was very thorough and he methodically went over every possible cause (not everyone works on experimental aircraft) until he found some faulty wiring and repaired it. I was shocked when he said it would be only a one-hour standard charge for his time. Not only did I find someone on a Sunday who was a terrific mechanic, but he is fair and reasonable. If I lived anywhere close he would be my mechanic, if you’re looking for a good one call Mike. Thanks Mike! My family back in AZ thanks you too for getting me on my way home safely.
– Rodney M. Jarrell, pilot
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