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Safety First

You’re not in the business of maintaining aircraft, so why should the responsibilities and liabilities of aircraft maintenance fall to you? Effective flight departments focus their resources on ways to keep you safe while in the air. What better way to support their efforts than to alleviate worries about maintenance tasks, particularly when it comes to progressive and phase inspections.

At Double M Aviation, we’re available to address every mechanical need your aircraft has. Depending on your location, we can even dispatch a team to service the aircraft in its own hangar. Making Double M Aviation responsible for ground maintenance allows your flight department team to allocate all of their resources to keeping you safe in the air.

Safety First
Dynamic Propeller Balancing

Certifications Matter

  • Every member of our team of aircraft maintenance technicians holds a minimum of an Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) license.
  • Inspector’s Authorizations (IA) are held by 38% of our maintenance team.
  • Our Director of Maintenance, Asst. Director of Maintenance, and Director of Operations hold their A&P, IA, and pilot’s licenses.

We are also sister companies with Double M Charters and share an executive management team. This means that we not only understand the requirements of a corporate flight department but also navigate the critical balance between safety and availability that is vital for your operations.


Highest Standards

Our maintenance program is built on the foundations of quality, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. This means a no-excuses approach to maintenance that preserves your aircraft and its documentation in an exemplary state, keeping it at peak condition and performance. Excellence in maintenance doesn’t just pay dividends in reliability and increased dispatch rates but is your best insurance towards top dollar ROI when the time comes to upgrade.

Highest Standards
Mike Naab is an awesome pilot and mechanic. He’s very honest and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Double M Aviation!
– Ray Stewart, pilot
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