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Certified Aircraft Maintenance Technicians

Double M Aviation has many skilled aircraft maintenance technicians who are knowledgeable in piston and turboprop engine repair. Each engine presents a unique set of repair and maintenance best practices, which can be detailed in maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and circulator advisories. Inspection and service of your engine with a certified mechanic ensures a higher standard of maintenance with a credible knowledge base. There is no job too big or too small for the Double M Aviation team to handle.


Piston Engines

Piston engines require some basic maintenance items such as keeping spark plugs functional and regular oil changes every 25 or 50 hours. These inspections provide crucial data that technicians use to evaluate the safety and efficiency of the aircraft. During an annual or 100 hour inspection, a more indepth look into the engine is necessary. Technicians inspect wiring, flexible fuel and oil hoses, and engine mounts to verify the condition and life remaining on these components. Engine mounts and flexible fuel hoses should be replaced every 10 years as preventative maintenance, while other engine components, such as starters or alternators are inspected for condition every year with on-condition replacement requirements.


Turboprop Engines

Turbine engines rely heavily on the condition of interior turbine blades, so avoiding damage to these blades is crucial. Blade damage can quickly result from operation in high humidity and corrosive environments. To combat these damaging environments, frequent compressor and turbine wheel washes should be accomplished. Visual inspection of the engines during scheduled maintenance provides a more indepth look into the condition of the engine. Timed items such as fuel nozzle cleaning and flow checks and regular borescope inspections also go a long way towards engine preservation.

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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is defined as operations on an aircraft that do not require major repairs or disassembly. This type of maintenance is reserved for day-to-day tasks that keep an aircraft safe and reliable. These could be oil changes, cleaning spark plugs, and serving hydraulic fluid as needed. Having a certified technician perform even these routine tasks provides an extra level of assurance for you as a pilot. When a technician is performing preventative maintenance they are not just completing that task, but are also inspecting the area around that part of the aircraft for any possible anomalies that an untrained eye might not notice.

At Double M Aviation, we know that experience and skill is only as good as the level of customer service offered. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to make sure our customers receive unmatched, quality service, paired with superior expertise of each of our team members.
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