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Dynamic Propeller

Reduce Vibration

Propellers inherently cause vibration. Some vibration is unavoidable, but an unbalanced propeller can cause problems for both an aircraft and its pilot. Small corrections that balance a propeller can dramatically reduce vibration throughout an aircraft. Double M Aviation provides detailed, and dependable propeller balancing.

Detailed & Dependable

The lower the vibration of an aircraft, the longer an aircraft and its components will last. In addition, excess vibration can contribute to pilot fatigue, which can make the experience of flying unpleasant at best, and dangerous at worst. Excessive vibration can affect any part of an aircraft. Loose rivets or cracking in the cowling may be an indication of a problem with propeller vibration. Additionally, a propeller should be balanced any time it is reinstalled on the aircraft after an overhaul or repair. These instances are when a propeller is most likely to be out of balance, and can benefit from inspection and adjustments.

We Take the Guesswork Out

A pilot may not always feel or hear vibration, so it’s possible for vibration to increase without their knowledge. Vibration can come from a statically unbalanced propeller, where one blade weighs more than another, or from a dynamically unbalanced propeller, where something else on the aircraft impacts how the propeller functions. Let Double M Aviation take the guesswork out of diagnosing propeller malfunction.

Mike Naab & Mike Bowen have worked on all the aircraft I have owned. They have recently transformed my B-55 Baron from a 1970 round dial aircraft into a state of the art 21st century aircraft. This was possible due to their state of the art facility at KLAL and their extensive network of related services. Double M can and will deliver “no excuses” solutions. After being a customer of Aircraft Engineering for years I could never imagined having a better experience. Double M has far exceeded my experiences there!
– Glen Duncan, SWA capt. & retired USMC AV8 pilot
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