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Aircraft Maintenance

Double M Aviation handles all of your aviation maintenance needs. Our aircraft maintenance technicians have expertise in single engine, multi-engine, pressurized piston, and turbine-powered aircraft. Read about our wide variety of essential services to get started.

Inspections are crucial to diagnose any problems that may occur in an aircraft before flying becomes unsafe. Pilots should remember that certain periodic inspections are required by the FAA. Conducting proper inspections ensures the airworthiness of your aircraft. Double M Aviation provides many types of inspections to suit all of a pilot’s needs.
50-Hour Inspections
100-Hour Inspections
Annual Inspections
Pre-Purchase Evaluations
Progressive and Phase Inspections
Regular aircraft maintenance prevents problems in an aircraft’s performance before it becomes unsafe. Double M Aviation provides high-quality maintenance and repair services to ensure your safety while operating your aircraft. Maintenance is separate from inspections, and pilots should never postpone necessary maintenance or repairs. Our commitment to quality keeps your aircraft looking its best and running well.
Dynamic Propeller Balancing
Paint and Interior Preservation and Refurbishment
Certified Aircraft Weighing
Piston and Turbine Engine Repair and Maintenance
Preventative and Progressive Maintenance
At Double M Aviation
At Double M Aviation, we pride ourselves in giving our customers service that meets the current regulations for safe aircraft travel. We always strive to provide up-to-date information on our page, but also encourage you to visit for information directly from the source.
-Current FAA regulations
-FAA inspections requirements from 2019 and 2020
-CFR Title 14: Aeronautics and Space

Rely on Double M Aviation to keep you safe with high-quality maintenance and inspection services for your aircraft.
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