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Certified Aircraft

Accurate & Reliable Calculations

The weight of an aircraft is important because it affects balance calculations, which in turn impact the safety of an aircraft. Aircraft should be reweighed periodically to minimize the impact of weight changes on the aircraft’s balance. An aircraft can get heavier over time due to the cumulative impact of small changes, like paint touch-ups or changes in parts. The FAA requires aircraft to have current weight and balance reports at all times, so discrepancies can be problematic. Double M Aviation provides accurate, reliable aircraft weighing.

Safety in Flight

The FAA certifies aircraft designs and establishes standards for their balance limits and maximum weight capacity. To operate efficiently and safely, aircraft must operate within these standards. An aircraft that does not meet these standards may be difficult or impossible to fly. Maintaining weight and balance standards in an aircraft is an essential part of remaining safe during flight.

Increased Balance & Efficiency

If an aircraft is overloaded or loaded unevenly, the resulting imbalances can impact both the safety and efficiency of the aircraft. An unbalanced aircraft experiences uneven wear and tear, which reduces efficiency and can cause loose connections, negatively impacting safety. It is much more difficult to keep an unbalanced aircraft in level flight because forces are not distributed properly, and this could pose a hazard to pilots of any experience level.

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