Restoration of a Cessna 414A Chancellor

Check out this Cessna 414A Chancellor, restored right here at our local airports, Lakeland and Bartow. Owned by Christophe Jouany.

Recently the Flying Magazine published an article about Christophe Jouany, and his purchase and restoration of a Twin Cessna 414A Chancellor. The whole process took  six months to complete.  The Cessna 414A was restored right here at our local airports, Lakeland and Bartow, where it was completely gutted and restored to include both modern avionics and classic interior and paint design.

Christopher Jouany a resident of Tampa, Florida first brought his aircraft to Custom Avionics at the Bartow airport. The team transformed the cockpit into a state-of-the-art glass cockpit. Which includes an impressive combination of synthetic vision, traffic awareness, weather, radar, instrument lighting, and auto pilot features all housed in a custom panel designed by Jouany.

Next, Jouany brought the Cessna 414A to Duncan Interiors, located at our home base, the Lakeland airport, where they renovated the gutted interior into a classic professional interior. With amenities including suede seats, cabinetry and carpeting, and details such as the Cessna Chancellor logo stamped into the leather seats and yokes.

The final stop for the aircraft was at Foster’s Aircraft Refinishing, also located at the Lakeland airport. Jouany decided on the paint scheme, white with blue and silver accents, and the team at Foster’s went to work creating a unique modern design.

The restoration of the Chancellor was completed in Septemeber 2014. Since then Jouany has taken many flights to Key West and to the islands he grew up in. Double M Aviation has had the privilege of working with Jouany since the restoration to ensure the aircraft continues to be maintained to his high standards. Jouany summed up his experience of going through the long process of restoration, to the Flying Magazine by saying, “I think that I now have the best Cessna 414 in the world.”

Restoration Photos of Cessna 414A Chancellor

Check out the Flying Magazine’s Article on the Cessna 414A Chancellor Restoration and to see the complete photo gallery of the before and afters.

Flying Magazine Article and Photo Gallery


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