FAQ Regarding Our New Reservation Program

This week we announced our new Reservation Program after much planning and careful consideration. In short, the purpose of this program is to improve scheduling and provide you with the very best service possible. However, we know that you may have follow-up questions regarding how this new program will impact you and the services you receive from us. We put together the frequently asked questions below to help answer any questions you may have. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us by calling 863-940-3450.

Why are you implementing a Reservation Program?

The main reason we’re implementing a Reservation Program is to improve turnaround times for our customers and help avoid a couple of things: (1) having gaps in our schedule due to no-show appointments and (2) inadvertently overbooking our schedule. Both possibilities can lead to delayed turnaround times for our customers, especially when it comes to performing routine maintenance such as annual inspections. Ultimately we want to continue providing our customers with high-quality services and speedy delivery dates, so we’ve implemented this new program to help ensure we can start the work and finish the work in a timely manner.

Does the Reservation Program apply to every type of maintenance work we do?

No, for our existing customers, we do NOT require a reservation fee for maintenance between annual inspections. For example, if you are an existing customer and you need an oil change, we invite you to contact us as you normally would so that we can schedule the work.

Do some customers really book an appointment and never show?

Unfortunately yes. While the vast majority of our customers book appointments and stick with them, we do have some customers who book appointments and then fail to cancel and also fail to show up on the day of the appointment. In some cases, we’ve even had customers confirm their appointment 1-2 weeks in advance when we contact them for their pre-appointment confirmation – only to have them fail to show up on the scheduled day. This ultimately causes ripple effects across our operation, typically leaving a gap in our schedule or prompting us to overbook future appointments.

One other thing worth mentioning: all of our maintenance technicians are full-time, fully trained employees – not contractors – and we are committed to helping them support their families, whether our calendar is underbooked, overbooked or somewhere in between the two. One of the reasons for implementing this new program is to help ensure our team is always busy working on aircraft, which is what they love to do!

If I book an appointment, pay the reservation fee and coordinate the start date with Double M Aviation, am I guaranteed to have my aircraft back when originally estimated?

While we make every effort to return your aircraft in the timeframe we estimate upon booking, we simply cannot guarantee it. The reason being: when we inspect your aircraft, we may uncover issues that increase the amount of time we need to work on your aircraft. Implementing a Reservation Program and scheduling the work in advance allows us to avoid running behind and having the aircraft sit on the ramp while waiting for a spot in the hangar to open up. It’s all about maximizing our productivity to serve you better!


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