The Nuts and Bolts of Annual Inspections

As an aircraft owner, you know how seriously the FAA takes airworthiness…and for good reason.  As summarized on the AOPA website, FAA regulation states, “The pilot in command of a civil aircraft is responsible for determining whether that aircraft is in condition for safe flight. The pilot in command shall discontinue the flight when unairworthy mechanical, electrical, or structural conditions occur.”

Scheduled Maintenance is Key

We believe that the key to keeping your aircraft airworthy, and “in condition for safe flight,” is proper, preventative maintenance.  And that preventative (scheduled) maintenance is the key to a no-surprises, low-cost annual inspection.  

Scheduled maintenance not only keeps your aircraft airworthy, but it also helps you better manage your maintenance and repair costs. If, for instance, you have a 10-year prop overhaul due, along with your 10-year fuel and replacement of oil hoses, you can time that work in such a way that it doesn’t fall at the same time as your magneto’s midlife inspection. At each annual completed by Double M, we provide you with an aircraft maintenance/inspection summary sheet, to aid in tracking and scheduling the timing of higher-cost services. Our technicians then review the sheet to help you determine a maintenance/service schedule that is right for you and your aircraft.

The Details

The annual inspections we perform at Double M Aviation are more detailed than your average 100-hour inspection. The annual does, however, include all of the inspections performed in the 100-hour, such as, review of all the aircraft logbooks, AD research, and testing and inspecting the engine, flight surfaces, fuselage, and landing gear. If obvious defects and/or problems are found during the annual inspection, they are noted so that they can be repaired, and the aircraft airworthiness can be restored.

What it all comes down to is the old saying, “time is money.” Every owner usually has these goals in mind: maintain their aircraft by the most cost-effective means possible, get the best, most reliable professionals to keep their aircraft safe, and of course, enjoy flying as often as possible!  Let our professionals at Double M work with you on your aircraft inspections and maintenance. 

There’s no replacement for experience, and when it comes to maintaining and inspecting aircraft, you can be sure that at Double M, your aircraft is in the most capable hands. 

To learn more about our inspections and to schedule an aircraft inspection or maintenance, call us at 863-940-3450.


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