King Air Landing Gear Inspections

Announcing a New Partnership for King Air Landing Gear Inspections

We have big news! Double M Aviation has secured a strategic partnership that will make our King Air maintenance and inspection services even better. Aircraft Accessories International (AAI) has extensive experience with a variety of King Air models and will support Double M Aviation with King Air landing gear inspection and maintenance services.

Along with their expertise in King Air landing gear, AAI offers competitive pricing and quick turnaround times for our valued customers. Among the many benefits of this partnership is AAI’s ability to expedite certified parts and accessories.

We are thrilled to partner with another high-quality maintenance provider who shares our values and goals. We are confident that working with AAI on King Air landing gear will result in faster turnaround times and outstanding service for our King Air owners and pilots.

Wondering about inspections and maintenance for your King Air landing gear? Here’s a summary of AAI’s recommendations.

Recommendations for King Air Landing Gear Inspections

King Air landing gear inspection and overhaul recommendations

  • Inspect landing gear every 8,000 hours or every six years.
  • Check for corrosion, fatigue cracking, tolerances worn beyond limits, and chrome plating damage
  • Overhaul depending on inspection findings

Landing gear actuator inspection recommendations

  • End play inspection for landing gear actuator every 1,000 cycles or 30 calendar months
  • Landing gear actuator clevis hole inspection every 1,000 hours

Double M Aviation Gets You Back in the Air Faster

As always, Double M Aviation customers enjoy all the benefits of our extensive expertise and industry connections, including our new partnership with this proven King Air landing gear maintenance provider.

Established Double M Aviation clients receive priority scheduling, guaranteed appointments, and on-the-road support. Our experienced, certified technicians are here to help you navigate maintenance schedules and provide the service you need to stay safe and keep flying.

To get started with Double M Aviation, fill out our reservation form or call us at 863-940-3540.


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