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The Pilots and Planes of Double M Aviation: Piper Arrow

The Pilots and Planes of Double M AviationAt Double M, we truly enjoy hearing from our customers about what makes general aviation special to them. So we sat down with Jeff Hibbard, the owner and pilot of a Piper PA28R-200 we have maintained since 2016, to talk about his start in aviation and what makes owning this beautiful Piper Arrow so great.

The Piper Arrow–A General Aviation favorite


How did you get into aviation?

I’ve been into aviation as long as I can remember. I think the real genesis was my dad would take us out to the airport to watch the airplanes fly in and listen to the radios. That was our entertainment. I always knew since I was a young kid I wanted to be a pilot.

Why do you fly now? Is it more work or recreational?

A mixture of both. I do fly a lot for recreation, like sight-seeing. And I fly for business meetings up in Virginia. It’s a great way to avoid the hassle of commercial airliners. I also volunteer for Pilots N Paws to help bring animals from over-filled shelters to rescues in other areas. ((To read more about Jeff’s volunteer work with Pilots N Paws –and for adorable puppy pictures– check out our previous blog post.))

What do you enjoy most about YOUR airplane?

That it’s mine! I enjoy the freedom it allows me. I wanted an intermediate plane as my first, and the Arrow fits that niche of speed, performance, and complexity for me. It’s been a great fit for my needs. I had previously rented and had to book way in advance, you don’t know the maintenance and what has been done to the airplane. It just wasn’t convenient.

How long have we been maintaining your airplane?

Side view of Piper Arrow

Since I bought it, actually. March 2016. I found you guys when I saw this beautiful red Arrow and noticed the Double M maintenance sticker. I spoke with Audrey and she had such a great attitude, I was convinced. Then Mike came out with me to pick it up from Zephyrhills and bring it back here to Lakeland for the annual. It was that extra service that made me sure I wanted my maintenance done here.

What are you up to now with the Arrow? Any future plans?

Right now we are doing the annual and putting in all new windows, a new ELT emergency beacon, and a new wing walk. We’re also changing out some structural hinges, worn components, some small stuff like that. And in two weeks, I am taking a business trip to Norfolk that will segue into a pleasure trip up to Little Rock, Arkansas. I’m looking forward to that.

Piper Arrow in front of Double M Aviation hangar

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BPT 2018 Weekend Clinic

At Double M Aviation, we are proud to partner with aviation programs that encourage pilots and their passengers to become more familiar with their aircraft. Earlier this month, we had the honor of hosting our third annual luncheon for the Bonanza & Baron Pilot Training weekend clinic at Lakeland-Linder Airport.

This specifically-tailored program provides pilots of Beechcraft airplanes the opportunity to learn from and fly with Certified Flight Instructors using their own type aircraft, as well as offering amazing Non-Pilot Companion courses to promote the knowledge-base and comfort of frequent flying passengers. This year, we heard from a 77-year old woman who performed her very first aircraft landing during this course! She was thrilled to have this new experience under her belt and highly praised the instructor who assisted her during her flight time.

The Saturday luncheon at the Double M hangar is our way of serving the great people we meet during BPT, hearing more about their experiences one-on-one, and showing them just what makes Lakeland-Linder a great place to land for a weekend getaway. The meal was catered by two local businesses, Patio850, whose food looked as amazing as it tasted, and Drica’s Favorites, whose coffees and fresh baked goods were a big hit!










We love to support the continuing education of pilots and their passengers, as well as showcasing what we do best, quality aircraft maintenance with no excuses. We celebrate another great BPT weekend clinic and look forward to next year!

If you would like more information about the Bonanza & Baron Pilot Training program, or to register for an upcoming clinic, please visit