Why Wait: Benefits of being a Double M Aviation Customer

At Double M Aviation, we do everything we can to keep our customers flying. Over the years, we’ve learned that an established relationship with our customers and their aircraft can make a world of difference. That’s why we encourage everyone to get in touch with us and become an established Double M Aviation customer today.

By working with us before urgent maintenance needs arise, you’ll provide us with the opportunity to get to know you and your aircraft. Then we’ll be able to provide the best possible service when you need us most. Our established customers receive several benefits, which we’ll detail in this article.

Priority Scheduling

In today’s aviation market, there’s no time to waste. As a repeat Double M customer, you’ll enjoy priority scheduling, which means getting in and out faster.

You can also schedule annual inspections six months in advance, getting on the books for your preferred timeframe. And, as unscheduled maintenance needs arise, you’ll have priority access to our schedule.

On average, we can address unscheduled maintenance for our established customers in roughly one-third the time it takes to address the same unscheduled maintenance for new customers.

Quicker Turnaround Times

Every aircraft is unique. Even two aircraft of the same model can have significant differences due to age, modifications, and use patterns. But we have great news for our repeat customers! We develop a relationship with both you and your aircraft over time. This results in faster turnaround times because we’re already familiar with your specific aircraft and know its maintenance history intimately.

On-the-Road Support

You’ll also benefit from an established relationship when you’re away from your home base. Mechanical issues can occur anywhere, and you may need maintenance at another facility. Our staff is available to offer advice and to speak directly to the technicians working on your aircraft no matter where you are.

Peace of Mind

Whether you’re an established customer with Double M Aviation or are new to our business, you can rest assured that your aircraft is maintained by aviation professionals. Every one of our technicians is a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Technician. Many of them are also pilots and hold Inspector’s Authorizations. This means that the technician working on your aircraft is invested in the aviation industry and has made a commitment to the highest levels of education the FAA offers.

While every client receives outstanding service from our highly qualified technicians, our repeat customers enjoy more personalized service and priority scheduling, putting you back in the air faster.

Act now to secure your priority access

If you haven’t worked with us before, now’s the time to talk! Contact us today or request a reservation to establish your relationship with Double M Aviation. We’re excited to get to know you and your aircraft, and we look forward to talking with you soon.


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